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6 Alpha have a selection of Risk Management guides. Please fill in the form below, select the guides you would like and we would be pleased to send your selection by return. All fields are required.

1) 6 Alpha UXO in the Marine Environment Map
UXO threat map for the UK offshore environment in general and for Round 3 wind energy projects in particular
2) 6 Alpha Marine Risk Management Framework
We have developed a UXO Risk Management Framework, which consists of 5 distinct phases of activities depicted in this flow chart. By following our guidance, 6 Alpha will sign off your UXO risks not only as ALARP, but also at best value.
3) 6 Alpha Wind Farm Development UXO Phasing
We are often asked about the ideal timing of delivery of the 5 phases of activity, described in our Risk Management Framework. This diagram explains when we think those activities ought to be delivered, with reference to a typical project lifecycle.

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