Our values

Our values

We believe that our route to success is to provide our clients with the best possible risk management solutions. We strive for excellence, and our aim I that every client will become an advocate for our consultancy practice. In order to achieve this we believe that our people must demonstrate our 6 core values which all begin with the letter ‘A’ hence ‘6 Alpha’.


We present ourselves and our reports in an efficient, effective, timely and professional fashion.


We conduct ourselves and tackle problems with a ‘can do’, positive attitude; this will be reflected in everything we do.


We equip and empower our people with the responsibility for delivering an exceptionally high quality service; they are accountable to our clients for its delivery. In the process we aim to delight our clients by exceeding their expectations.


Our clients, and the challenges they face come first.  We deal with our clients’ concerns and focus on their perspectives.  We remain approachable and flexible throughout our assignments.


Our people must be exceptional individuals who differentiate themselves by their mental agility, integrity, incisive analysis and the capacity to generate innovative and creative solutions.


Our recommendations will be succinctly framed in terms of positive and practical actions.  And our Project Management team would be pleased to proactively assist you to implement them.