Business Continuity Management - Overview

Resilience - Overview & Approach

In an increasingly unstable operating environment, every business, public and private, needs to be prepared for a crisis. Baseline risks (fire, flood, power outage) and extraordinary risks (terrorism, pandemic flu) can cause business interruption events that are able to dislocate an unprepared business. With global markets creating significant interdependencies, businesses are now also affected by what happens overseas.

6 Alpha is a leading expert in assisting clients to formulate bespoke business continuity management plans with supporting procedures, processes, training and test exercises. This ensures that our clients remain resilient in the face of a wide range of business interruption events.

From initial threat and risk assessment to full implementation of your plans, 6 Alpha will offer cost effective solutions including recommending risk mitigation, transfer or sharing options.  

Whilst 6 Alpha delivers across a broad spectrum of expertise gained in a wide range of industries we have particular expertise in planning against terrorist incidents, and we are able to draw directly upon former bomb disposal and counter terrorist specialists.

We employ proprietary BCM risk models to measure your exposure to business interruption risk. These models aim to deliver a layered approach to mitigating and managing special risks specific to your business.
The 6 Alpha Business Continuity Management life cycle