Business Continuity Management - Services

Resilience - Services

Our clients are sometimes unsighted or unclear about the risk they face and their degree of resilience. 6 Alpha assists by providing the following services.
•  Business Continuity Management (to BS25999)
•  Crisis Management Planning
•  Emergency and Disaster Recovery Preparation
•  Crisis Leadership and Team Training
•  Plan validation and testing

We advice our clients to build resilience against a variety of catastrophic events.  In our experience thee are always steps you can be taken to minimise the impact.  6 Alpha will help build that resilience by providing:

Our team will source and analyse the right information enabling our clients to take appropriate and cost effective preventative action.

Our specialist experts work with our clients to plan, train, educate and implement risk-mitigating activities minimising the impact of identified risks.

Business Risk
Our business impact analysis will ensure that clients risk appetite is matched by their capacity to transfer, share, seek or mitigate those risks.

If client operations suffer a serious business interruption event, our consultants can support your BCM teams to rapidly recover the business. This service is called ‘6 Alpha Assist’. Please enquire for further information.
 Steps to minimise the impact of a catastrophic event