Security and Risk Management - Overview

Security and Risk Management - Overview & Approach

The global pace of business change has bought great benefits, but has also created international instability. The nature of the security risks posed to organisations has changed dramatically in the last decade, with terrorism now being accepted as a “foreseeable event” in many fields. Terrorist and other security incidents not only cause damage to people and property, they can also lead to significant business interruption events and damage non-tangible assets such as brand and reputation.

We assist our clients by developing solutions that allow them to anticipate the security risks they may be exposed to, and to ensure that their approach remains relevant. We also employ internationally recognizable best practices, enabling our clients to demonstrate robust corporate governance of concerning special risks. Specifically, we are expert in the design of risk mitigation measures whether they are physical, procedural, personnel or technical and have significant international experience of managing high explosive blast risks.

We draw upon expertise from both tactical and technical specialists to provide a range of products and services. Our Security and Risk Management consultants include operationally proven ex British Military Bomb Disposal and Special Forces Officers; they are supported by highly qualified engineering professionals including technical blast engineers.