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April 2020

April 2020

WWII bombs detonated off Lanikai, Hawaii.

Navy explosive ordnance disposal technicians on Monday detonated explosives to destroy two World War II-era 100-pound gravity bombs and removed other ordnance from the highly-traveled channel between Lanikai and Mokulua North, otherwise known as Mokunui Islet.

Ten World War II era munitions removed from waters off Lanikai

With three successive “fire-in-the-hole” warnings, LT Jordan Bethke of the U.S. Navy’s Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD) team (Detachment Mid-Pacific) set off C-4 explosives attached to two potential Unexploded Ordnance (UXO) off Lanikai Beach this afternoon.

UXO found during construction

UXO found during construction on 22nd April in the area of St Nazaire. The bomb was attended by the Securite Civil and later reported as US 900Kg (2000lb) air dropped bomb which was removed on 23rd April, for subsequent disposal.

West Drayton gardener discovers a First World War bomb in an allotment

An allotment gardener in West Drayton was shocked to find an unexploded First World War bomb underground. A house had to be evacuated when the bomb, which is more than a century old, was discovered at allotments in Rowlhey Place, near Harmondsworth Road in the Hillingdon town on Friday (April 17). Metropolitan Police and London...

Grenade forces evacuation of Kidderminster street during lockdown

A grenade was found by a resident while gardening at his home in Kidderminster. Homes in Parry Road were evacuated on Thursday afternoon (April 16) after the unexploded grenade was discovered in the back garden of one of the properties. Neighbour Jon May told The Shuttle: “The police knocked...

Army Team Destroys Second World War Bomb

A farmer raised the alarm after finding the large device when digging over fields in Oxfordshire. The Army’s Explosive Ordnance Disposal Unit (EOD) has destroyed a World War Two bomb in Oxfordshire. A farmer raised the alarm after finding the device when digging over fields just outside Drayton, near Abingdon-on-Thames. The item...

Bomb scare in Fleet after unexploded ‘grenade’ is discovered in woodlands

Bomb disposal units were called to Naishes Woods after the discovery. A bomb disposal team were called to Fleet after an unexploded grenade was discovered in woodland. The “historic ordnance” was found in the Naishes Wood area of Church Crookham, at around 4.35pm on Thursday (April 2).

Man Finds Tank Round in River

A man and his nephew removed a device from the Arkansas river in Colorado, only to learn it was a round of ammunition from a tank.

Bomb disposal team detonates wartime device in Sevenoaks field

A bomb disposal squad was sent to Sevenoaks to detonate a Second World War smoke grenade. Officers from Kent Police were called to the scene and uploaded footage to show the explosion, which took place in a woodland near Dibden Lane. They tweeted: “PCSO Joe and PC James have attended an...

Unexploded bomb discovered in Bunkers Hill Woods

AN unexploded bomb has been discovered in woodland in Stourbridge. Bomb disposal experts carried out a controlled explosion of the device on Thursday, April 9. The Royal Logistics Corps were spotted at the beauty spot, along with police and a cordon was in place near where the device was...

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