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Land Desk Top Studies

Land Desk Top Studies

6 Alpha Associates offer unique UXO risk mitigation services which comply with the CIRIA C681 requirements and allow construction related professionals to assess the potential UXO risk to their project sites in the most cost effective and efficient manner.

6 Alpha’s Desktop Studies are undertaken in the form of a UXO threat and risk assessment, which scopes the prospective UXO risks and then designs a suitable and appropriate UXO risk mitigation strategy. This process ensures that the risks to intrusive engineering activities (typically investigation and construction) are reduced to ALARP.

The initial stage of the DTS involves describing (and justifying historically) what sort of UXO might be encountered and where.  This is described in writing and depicted in supporting geo-referenced maps defining, where appropriate high explosive and chemical threats.

Drawing upon these findings, we then consider the potential methods of encounter subject to the type of investigative or construction methodology being employed and the energy that is likely to be  be generated.  The risks of encountering and detonating UXO will be defined as a numerical function of probability and consequence; thus the risk assessment will be based upon numerically scored criteria that offers a semi-quantitative measure of UXO risk.  For further information about our desk top study services, please contact us (click through).


The benefits of our desk top study service include:

  • The employment of the most comprehensive and up to date UXO relational data base in the UK;
  • Highly accurate georeferenced threat data is supplied in supporting map form;
  • Transparent semi-quantitative risk analysis, delivers accuracy as well as wider project benchmarking, with other more conventional project risks;
  • Executive management, third party (contractor) and other stakeholder “buy-in” is generated, not only to project threats but also to UXO risks, and risk mitigation planning;
  • Corporate governance is not only discharged but also compliant with best practice (CIRIA) and the law.

This now includes 6 Alpha’s innovative site screening tool, which is available to download as an app on your smartphone or tablet, allowing you to check your site immediately for any known UXO threats. 6 Alpha’s five-stage process (shown below) will help you to uncover the threat of potential UXO and mitigate the risks associated with your site to prevent time and cost delays to your project.

Risk Management Framework for the Construction Industry

  • 6 Alpha's Bombsearch App

    6 Alpha’s UXO screening application is the first of its kind, enabling an instant response to the user whether onsite or office based, showing instantly whether a preliminary or detailed assessment is required. This saves users time and money and also allows them to purchase UXO reports directly from their phone, tablet or desktop.

    Price: £24 Incl VAT

  • Preliminary UXO Threat Assessment

    6 Alpha’s Preliminary UXO Threat Assessment provides a background threat report associated with a defined site boundary. Two maps are provided with this type of report: the first is a map depicting high explosive bomb density; and the second is a colour coded map, to scale, depicting the probability of UXO encounter at the site. Each assessment typically takes between 24-48 hours to complete and is aligned with CIRIA C681 guidelines.

    Price: £180 incl VAT

  • Detailed UXO Threat & Risk Assessment

    6 Alpha’s Detailed Threat and Risk Assessment is compliant with  stages two and three of CIRIA’s C681 risk management guidelines.   This type of report identifies potential UXO threats and also considers amongst other things, ground conditions and any previous site history that may have mitigated the UXO risks. Taking all of these factors into account as well as the proposed engineering intent, a conceptual risk pathway will be established using a semi-quantitative analysis and a bespoke risk mitigation strategy will be designed to ameliorate UXO risks at best value.  Our reports are written by experienced UXO research analysts and quality assessed by experienced Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD) engineers.

    Price: £1080 incl VAT

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