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Marine ALARP Sign Off

Marine ALARP Sign Off

6 Alpha’s ALARP safety sign-off certification can be produced for each work package, usually but not exclusively, geotechnical investigation and installation work.

Each certificate will warrant that UXO risks have been appropriately reduced and it will usually include a geo-referenced appendix, especially where geophysical survey has been undertaken identifying those anomalies that model as potential UXO (PUXO)  – and see Data Processing and Interpretation.  By the time an ALARP safety sign off certificate is issued, pUXO will usually have been either avoided, or verified and/or made safe/destroyed/removed. The sign-off certificates will warrant that UXO risks to the subsequent investigative or installation activities on the project, will have been reduced to ALARP in accordance with best practice and the law.


  • 6 Alpha’s safety sign-off certificates are backed by a £10 million professional indemnity insurance, warranting that UXO risks have been reduced to ALARP, in accordance with the law and best international risk management practice;
  • 6 Alpha’s certificates highlight, cross reference and evidence that the holistic risk management process is not only congruent but also has been adhered to;
  • Provides written evidence of quality of service delivery and completion;
  • Provides third party service verification.

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British Safety Council
UVDB Registered